Too funny!!!

For weeks – no months – I have wondered about music I hear in my living room.  It is very low and I always assumed my neighbors were playing it.  Today I was by the t.v. when I realized the music sounded close – very, very, very low but still in my apartment.  So many times a song would pop into my head and I wouldn’t know why.

Well, I figured it out and had to roll my eyes at my not catching on earlier.  I have my desktop set to play music 24/7 through my TV but only when my TV is set to that input station.  I know, why does it need to go 24/7 and the truth is, it doesn’t but I switch over to movies without thinking about turning off the computer. Since movies are on a different input station, it works out fairly well.

The front speaker on my desktop does not work – hasn’t for a long time.  I can turn it up as loud as I want and nothing comes out.  Apparently though, there is another speaker somewhere inside so that distant music I was hearing was actually coming from the back of my laptop.  LOL.  I can’t adjust the volume on it externally and haven’t gotten into the programming yet to see if I can do something with it there…just thought it was funny so figured I’d share it.  🙂


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