Momma Elephant

I know you guys don’t care about my animal updates but it is my blog so ha!

Was watching the newest baby elephant and his momma play in the water a few minutes ago.  He is so small that she doesn’t let him go too deep but he still likes to roll and go underwater when he can.  Momma was rolling around as well as she cooled off but also blocked the deeper end so he wouldn’t wander over there.

As they were getting out along the steeper side, the baby kept stumbling and sliding back down the slope.  He was having a difficult time moving up at all, falling down and looking like he was in trouble.  Momma came up behind him, wrapped her trunk around his middle and held him in a standing up position as they climbed up together.  It was so touching.  Watching him struggle so was giving me a few anxious minutes but she was right there just as any good momma would be.

Once he was at the top on flat ground, he took off running without a look back – Momma lagged back but wasn’t far behind him.  She doesn’t want to be overbearing but yet wants to keep him safe.  Why can’t all human mothers be that way???


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