Super 8

Went to the movie Super 8 today – it wasn’t too bad.  I was disappointed it wasn’t more like Aliens or Predators but suppose that is to be expected from the general description of a group of kids…

The movie got a little cheesy towards the end but that was to be expected, I’m sure.  Ron Eldard was in it – I haven’t seen him in something for a while so that was nice.  Couldn’t believe how bad he looked in the movie –  I know it was partly makeup but I have to say, he is getting older.

Yeah, I know, I’m not a spring chicken or anything either.  I used to be mildly attractive but that was a decade and a half ago.  But hey, it isn’t like I’m trying to find someone or anything – I’m happy alone for the most part.  But anyway, Ron could have looked better.



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