Family and stuff

Went to my eldest sister’s house today for one of my nieces birthdays.  A couple of my other sisters were there as well as my last remaining Aunt.  It was fun visiting with everyone.  My aunt told me I wasn’t married cuz I kept saying men were idiots.  I laughed and told her the ones that get married several times probably are idiots.  The conversation was about men and women who get married 3+ times and are never happy with who they pick so they divorce and marry again.

My second eldest sister has been using internet dating services and not getting anywhere because a lot of the men are on their third and above marriage.  One guy even said he wanted a woman who liked to cook and clean…ha, ha…why not hire a maid?  Just silliness.  Mom was married five times so can’t say much there.  I do think women, especially women over 60, have an exception to the “idiot” clause because they come from the generation where men took care of the women so it is harder for them to be on their own.  A lot of them went from their mother’s house to their husbands so adjusting to living a life alone is harsh.

My uncle died last year so my Aunt is on her own for the first time in 55+ years.  She admits he wasn’t perfect but says she can pretty much say she got one of the better ones in the batch.  I know he caused her heartache but also gave her more love than most women ever see in a lifetime.  She felt blessed to have had him for so long.  I love her to death – she is awesome.  She speaks her mind without sugar-coating things and while sometimes that seems a bit brash, I love her all the more for it and respect her opinions.

I dunno – I do know I got barely 3 hours of sleep and am already yawning to beat the band.


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