My dreams

Thank goodness I wasn’t a dungeon master in my dreams today – that dream was rather disturbing to me.  Nope, I don’t like being the “bad” guy – it goes against all my refined upbringing.  LOL

Strangely enough, I dreamt I was having an affair with a priest…LOL…a priest…LOL…sorry, I can’t stop laughing over that one.  Where would I even meet a priest? Jeez, the weird things I dream about.  The book I finished the other day had a female in it who had an affair with a priest so I imagine that is where the idea came from.

I’m currently reading “Hotwired” which is good but I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed that the “red-eyed monster” is really someone in a monster suit.  I want it to be a real monster but I doubt it as the author has never dabbled in science fiction.  Ugh.

I am bored right now – have to be to work in three hours.  I don’t know what to do


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