I am so very excited because my sister (Maggiemsp’s Blog) and I are going on vacation in seven weeks and I’m so looking forward to it.  The two of us haven’t been on vacation together for seventeen years so it will be a good time.

One of the things we plan on doing is driving through Colorado.  We don’t plan on stopping necessarily but driving through on our way to Utah.  However, I have always wanted to drive through Colorado and absolutely can’t wait to do so.  My son jokes every now and then that if he had five thousand dollars he would move to Colorado soI figured if I ever come up with five grand, I’m going to hold him to it.  🙂

I have always thought I would love Colorado – not the snow necessarily but the state for sure.  Really would like to see it and decide for sure.  The only way I would move there, of course, is if I didn’t have to work at a regular job.  I’m not up to going back into training for dispatch and while I would work as an office assistant I know those jobs are hard to come by.  I think I would love to have an office job again though – I loved having my own office and doing my own thing.

Humidity is virtually non-existent in the mountains so that would be nice.  I don’t know – I would like to have something exciting in my life.  I just spent an hour playing Farmville…how sad is that?

I will have to say I got almost seven hours of sleep if you don’t count the three or four times I woke up for various reasons.  I changed the setting on my alarm clock but must not have hit save so that woke me up at 11 am – then the dogs woke me up a few times and the neighbors once.  Other than that, I slept pretty well.

Ugh.  I’m sick of all of this.



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