Started this book a couple days ago and haven’t been able to get back at it.  Finally finished it tonight.  It is a Maggie O’Dell/Julia Racine series and pretty good.  It was written by Tess Gerritsen, one of my favorite authors.  I rarely ever have any criticism of her books – they keep me enthralled till the end and while Hotwired was quite good, I do have a couple of disappointments in it.

First off, I got excited about the idea of a creature but knew, correctly, that it would end up being something ordinary because Tess doesn’t write sci-fi.  I like creature features though so was disappointed a bit.  The other thing I have to say is that Maggie gets injured in every novel and it is getting rather old.  She must not be a very good FBI profile agent if she is constantly underestimating the criminal mind.  She always wanders in on the killer or gets kidnapped by him with the intent of killing her and burying her body where no one will find it.  The killers, to me, are quite evident before the mid-point of the story so why doesn’t brilliant Maggie see it?

I know they are two different styles of books but Agent Penderghast rarely gets injured and he is an FBI agent.  He almost always anticipates the killer’s final move and has the upper hand.  I would like it better if Maggie would too.  Why can’t she set a trap at the end to catch the killer or make it something more like a rescue of the killer’s original target.  I don’t know – it makes her look inept.  She makes assumptions during the book about people’s motives without digging deeper – I would even question some of their answers and I’m just a 911 dispatcher.  People give you flaky answers to direct questions, why would you not question them rather than let it go? Just seems silly.

However, I did like the book and like Maggie and Julia so that makes the above forgivable.  As always, I recommend the O’Dell/Racine series and look forward to the next release – probably sometime next year.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Hotwired

  1. I’m sure you already know this…but the Rizzoli/Isles books you read are a series on tv! I think I only caught one episode but it seemed pretty good. Never read any of the books, but maybe now I will start!

  2. I did know that but don’t see how the series could be as good as the books! I forgot to even mention the book talks about things the goernment does to our food which might be another reason I didn’t like it as well as I normally do her books.

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