Christmas Cards

I know it is way early to be thinking about Christmas cards but I also know that a person gets a $7 per box discount if ordered before the end of August.  So when my catalog came in the mail today, I had to sit and look through the boxes of cards it offered.

The problem is that I found six designs I liked.  It is always hard to make my mind up but usually I have less three or four to decide on.  My criteria for cards is that they have to be actual photographs, not paintings or other art.  After reading through the descriptions of the ones I picked at face value, I found that one was a painting so could delete that.  The other one I ended up deciding against has too much white in it.  Why can’t them make the ones with white animals have a black, green or blue border??? White animals in white snow with a white border isn’t all that colorful.

So now I am back in my comfort zone with four designs.  The problem is that I like all four of them so it is going to be hard to pick.  I have an owl, polar bears, black bears and an arctic fox to chose from.  Last year I did polar bears and squirrels;  the year before that I did wolves; so not sure what to do this year.  I like the polar bear cards and the design is different from last year so I don’t know…I’m a big polar bear fan.  However, I also love black bears and it is an adorable card.  Then you have the beautiful snowy owl and arctic fox – both very lovely cards.  It will be a hard decision.


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