Did it

Yep, after additional debate today, I finally chose my Christmas cards for this year.  I will order them next month to get my $14 discount.  I know those sound like expensive cards but at $12 a box – with 12 in the box – that comes out to only $1 a card which isn’t expensive at all.  I love the cards I pick and always frame one of each for my walls.  I look at the wolf ones I sent last year and the year before – they are beautiful & displayed in my living room.  I love the squirrel one from last year too – it is framed and in my kitchen.  The new ones will go nicely with my collection.  🙂

Just think, most people who get a card from me have no idea that it took me hours to pick it out – they will glance at it, maybe tape it up over a door or on the refrigerator till the end of the season, and then toss it.   I looked at each of the cards, zoomed in to see details, agonized over the verses, and stayed with it until I could narrow it down to two sets.  I am very pleased with my picks for this year.  🙂


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