Do You Wanna Know A Secret?

OK, I’m watching this “slasher” flick on tv that is absolutely stupid thus far.  The police characters are comical and wooden – the main chick is a bitch – most of the rest of the cast couldn’t act to save their lives…which, obviously the whole point is that most of them die.  I don’t know – it is stupid…stupid…stupid…stupid.  So why am I still watching it? Yeah, who knows.

I said the geek or the bimbo would get it first – it was the geek.  I already know my favorite person is going to die – it isn’t fair but of course he will.  Why does do the stupid people always go off on their own?  The killer, of course, will be the first guy who pretended to be dead but whose body was never found.

That is like the book I am reading now – Tyrannosaur Canyon – I knew the girl was going to get caught by the bad guy and it just gets old.  She said she could take care of herself but of course she couldn’t because she is a girl, you know.  It irritates me enough to almost decide NOT to read the rest of it.  Seriously pisses me off.


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