In a semi-bad mood

I have to admit, I’m not having a good day thus far.  Did manage to get five hours of sleep so that part is good but my mood is dark today and it makes me want to do something drastic like stuff my face with enchiladas.  Hate when I feel this way – I would love to have a margarita.  Actually, I could have a margarita if I left now for Applebees because the rule is you can’t drink the 8 hours before you begin your shift.  Ha, ha.

Think I’m in a bad mood because of my dreams but I can’t remember now what I dreamt about.  I know it was work related though and I woke up feeling pissy over it.

Well, I need to get moving as I want to go into town to look for a Purple Passion plant for Lily, my son’s girlfriend whose birthday is the same day as his.  I think she’ll like the plant – though that is not her birthday present but a housewarming for their new duplex they have started moving into.  I am excited for them.

I need to get a bigger fish tank so if anyone sees one at the local second-hand stores, let me know – want at least a 20 gallon but would prefer a 30 or more.  Checked Craig’s list and found a couple but both were more money than I wanted to spend.

This is kind of early to say but I’m looking forward to next year and finding a bigger place to live.  🙂  Would love to find a bigger place to live in someplace like CO but we all know that isn’t going to happen.  😦


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