Activities Today

Today we had interviews at work for our dispatcher opening – one position and needed to interview five people.  Two of the applicants failed to show which was rather disappointing.

On my extended lunch break, I went for a nice drive after eating at Panera.  Went back to work and completed the last couple interviews then stopped by Wayne’s work to drop off the presents he bought Lily.  From there I ran to the store for some ketchup and salad.

Got home and someone was in my parking place so I got more than a little irritated.  I was damn irritated so went for another drive before I lost my temper.  Funny how the little things get under my skin.  After an hour of driving around, I came home.  The person was still parked in my spot but he was there and left a bit later.  I didn’t move my car – what was the point now?

So we have a four apartment building with two empties.  I wish I owned the building – I’d knock out some walls and make it one big house.  🙂  I’d fence in this section of yard, install hardwood floors, and hang out.  Man, that would be nice.  I’d even add a walk around patio.

Since I’ve been home I’ve done nothing but cooked supper, hang out and done nothing.  The whole house needs cleaned but I haven’t gotten to any of it.  I need to do laundry tomorrow before work.  I’m going to get it ready before I go to bed so I can start it early.  I need to vacuum too.

So there you have it – can’t say I’ve done much of anything but it was still a frustrating damn day.


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