Tyrannosaur Canyon

by Preston Child.  I started reading this book several days ago.  It was the last book I bought for July so now I am bookless for a bit.  I need to see if I can download books from the library into my nook.  I can’t afford to buy another book this month but already have my wish list going for next month.  🙂

The book is about a large dinosaur that is very much still intact.  Everyone wants the fossil but no one knows where it is.  A curious group of people go looking for it – the government included.  What follows is a end rush to acquire the fossil.  Of course people are killed along the way and our wonderful government is quite willing to kill citizens for it because it has the power and ability to do so.

Whatever.  It wasn’t that great of a book but it did have a lot of information about the age of the dinosaur.


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