I started making biscuits and gravy but ended up burning the sausage so the dogs are eating it.  I’m disappointed but I was busy vacuuming so forgot about it.  Wasn’t going to vacuum at that moment but somehow managed to do so.  I was actually picking up the living room one minute and vacuuming the next without even thinking about it.

Put the internet on my desktop so I could watch the elephants on the big screen for a while – have music playing too.  Of course, I barely get it done and they call the elephants out of the main paddock into the one further away.  Still, someone is operating the camera and zoomed it in so I can still see them.  🙂

I don’t see how the elephants eat enough to sustain their large bodies.  I see them grazing every day but there isn’t a lot of grass there.  I realize the zookeepers throw out hay and what not but we are talking about a herd of elephants.  They don’t pick up enough food at a time to even make a mouthful half the time.

Watching the elephants soothes my soul.  I know there are a lot of people who think I’m nuts but I don’t care.  They are always calm, serene, loving and gentle which is often a stark contrast to what else is going on in my world.  I don’t sit and watch for hours at a time – usually ten to fifteen minutes several times throughout the day.   I’m getting to recognize them now by their actions though quite honestly I can’t pronouce several of their names.

Now the adults are milling around the far paddock eating hay while the youngsters play close by.   One of the older ones had one of the younger ones down on the ground which made momma come over to push him off.  While they can’t speak like us, the way  she pushed him and then gave him a swat with her trunk, I know she was telling him “You are too big to play so rough with my little boy.”  The bigger one moved away to play with someone his own size.  It made me smile.

No matter what the species of mammal: elephant, lions, tigers, bears and yes homosapiens the mothering instinct is prevalent in most.  Momma lets her baby wonder away but she is never far behind him, watching over him.  Now and then she takes a break, letting a teenager babysit for a while which gives them the opprotunity to do their share for the herd.

Anyway – it is almost 10:30 and I had hoped to have the laundry done by now but someone else is using the laundromat so I have to wait.  I only have two loads today beause I’m not doing rugs, bedsheets or throws – they can wait for another day.


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