Must be tired

I must be tired because I’m nodding off a lot while trying to answer emails and write a post.  I don’t feel that tired but I must be.  The key is not to blink I think.

I should head for bed but I made the mistake of tuning into my elephants and polar bears so now I’m wanting to watch them as their morning starts.  Someone is fucking with the polar bear one though – very damn irritating.  Just as one of the bears was getting ready to go in for a swim they turned the camera .  I hate people.

Sometimes I think I would be better off buying my own island.  If I were rich enough, I would too.  I’d buy one of the small islands off Hawaii or maybe one around the Virgin Islands.  Something that can only be reached by boat or helicopter but still has internet and everything.  Then I could ignore civilization when I wanted to be a hermit then fly/boat to the mainland when I was lonely.  I would want an island far enough out that small watercraft couldn’t reach it but close enough that a helicopter could in case of an emergency.

I was planning on staying up this morning – I have some things I need to think about and plan but I am so tired I am thinking I will do it later.  I really have a lot to do today plus sleep.

Last night at work was not nearly as busy as I had hoped – we had 38 calls but still, that isn’t that busy.  Tonight is my last night with my trainee so I hope we are busy.  We haven’t been super busy any night she has worked thus far.  It means we get a lot of training done but I prefer live calls to simulated ones.

I think I’m going to take another prescription sleeping pill but I hesitate to do so because the more it builds up in my system, the more vivid my nightmares become.  They are bad enough in standard form, I don’t need them haunting me in high def.

My polar bear is playing in the water – I love watching him diving down and coming back up – makes me wish I was in the water playing with him.  He is going in now though as they call them in around this time so they can clean the enclosure.  A door opens in the rock for them to go in and closes as soon as all three are present.

My elephants are hanging out – they seem to be enjoying the 68 degree temp they are having now.  Why can’t we have those temps??? I’m so sick of the heat and humidity.  It is only 8:30 and already 79 degrees with a heat index of 83.  This will climb all day until it is 85 degrees with a heat index into the lower 90’s.  Humidity is at 87% – yuck.


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