Shapes in the dark

In San Diego we are still a bit shy of sunrise though I can see slivers of light starting to peek through the trees.  In the polar bear encampment, someone keeps playing with the camera which is pissing me off – could have watched the bears framed against a glorious sunrise but instead someone focused it on a rock.  Thanks, you genius.

Slowly forms are taking shape – I see the bears rambling around as the cameras begin to focus.  I wish they put lights on in the areas at night so I could watch them overnight but I suppose that would be too expensive, not to mention the bears need to sleep.

My elephant paddock is still cloaked in a deep darkness, no shapes are emerging which makes me wonder if the camera is working.  But I can see the blackness turning, every so slightly, to lighter shades of gray so it must be.  There is movement every so often but can’t tell if it is my imagination or elephants grazing.

You would think, from the cameras, that the elephants and bears are several states apart because the polar bear section is becoming pretty light but the elephants are not.  However, I think if I am patient, the elephants will emerge.

As I watch them I can’t help but think these cameras reflect my life.  I feel like I am walking around in an abyss so deep I will never feel the heat of the sun again.  But the more I watch, the more things slowly come into focus – the path becomes clearer.  Now I see the elephants though the camera is struggling to focus with so little light.  My life is like that – I struggle to focus but the night clings to me like a spandex cloak.

Eventually, as the sun crests above the tree line, the pictures will not only come into focus but also begin to add splashes of color.  I want the canvas of my life to be vibrant and purposeful but it has a long way to go yet.   The bears and elephants don’t have to wait – their sun is alright brightening their day.


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