The Vanishing

Even though I swore I wasn’t going to – I did finish this book by Bentley Little.  To be quite honest, I was bored to tears through it and the whole “vanishing” thing was lost on me.  Who was vanishing? No one vanished in the book so I was rather confused how the title came about.  If I would have had another book to read, I wouldn’t have bothered finishing it but I didn’t.  Thank goodness I get to buy more books today.

The book is about a forest that has human-like creatures who basically want to mate with humans.  Humans want to mate with these creatures as well so a lot of “hybrid” children are born with bodies of humans but heads like animals.  Not all the children were hideously disfigured but several were.  The rest were crazy as loons.

The monsters start killing humans and at first they can’t tell why it is happening but then they realize that the ancestors of all those being killed gold thieves from the 1800’s.  Everyone that lived around the woods knew better than to steal the gold they would find laying on the ground because the gold was cursed.  Why it took two more generations before the monsters sought their revenge wasn’t the least bit clear.

One person is killed who wasn’t a descendent of the monster/humans and there is no clear reason why other than he was doing some research on them but so were a lot of other people and they weren’t killed.  It was stupid and gratuitous.  I just rolled my eyes.  It was like the author hadn’t killed anyone for a few chapters so threw that in.

Overall, I give this book a D because I never cared about the monsters, the characters or the cause.  It was boring and hard to stay focused on.  I would not recommend this book to anyone and I’m a Bentley Little fan.


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