Stir of Echoes

Great book! I enjoyed it thoroughly.  The book isn’t anything like the movie – a good thing in my mind.  I liked the movie because Kevin Bacon was in it but that was pretty much as far as the liking went. The book is short – only 157 pages which was disappointing because it could have been much longer.

The story is about a man who is hypnotised as a gag only to realize later that the hypnotist had, unwittingly, released something in his mind.  He started seeing a ghost and could hear his neighbors activities for several blocks.  He could also see into the future by a few days.

Of course the ghost was murdered and wanted him to find her body – that much was in the movie but it was a woman not a young girl as the movie had it. The killer was a bit of surprise but not much – well, I suppose more accurately the reason the killer killed her was a bit of a surprise and actually it seemed a bit thin but whatever.

One could see how this “gift” could really be more of a nightmare.  When I was younger I thought it would be so damn cool to have these powers but later I realized that it would be a curse, not a gift.  Good book – I liked it.


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