The Kingdom…again

OMG, this movie always makes me cry and question so many things I take for granted in my country.  I feel a story coming on but will have to think about it.  I’m not sure I can do it justice – have the impact I was considering.  But we shall see – it would be a short story, not a book.

I love Jamie Fox – he is an awesome actor.  He makes me think of what Cuba Gooding Jr could have been if he had taken his career seriously.  Jamie can act and I love him in this movie.  I also love him in Law Abiding Citizen – it is another great one that makes me cry.

I don’t understand the things people do to each other – it makes me torn up inside.  The Kingdom…just thinking about it makes me tear up.  The Saudi’s think we are the enemy just as we think they are.  Such hatred is practically mutual and hatred breeds violence.  When our children are taught to hate, to be racists, to be bigots, etc., then they grow up to teach their children that and so on.  We look at the Saudi’s and think what a violent people they are – they attack innocent people and exemplify all that is evil.

They think the same thing about us.  We think we are right – they think they are right.  They are trying to preserve their way of life and while their oppression of their fellow citizens seems atrocious to us – how many of our own people do we oppress?

I watched an interview with the mother of one of the teenagers who committed suicide because other school children teased her ruthlessly about being gay.  They made her feel worthless to the point that death was preferrable.  Why do children (or adults) do that to each other?

The things that are done in the name of religion is another blight in the world.  Do we not remember that we fled to America to have religious freedom? HOW can we deny others this same right? Why are we oppressing them?

I love the movie The Kingdom – it is excellent – but I also hate the doubts and questions it brings to mind.  I had a teacher at Kirkwood who was an ex-CIA man and he said the things done in movies is absolutely tame compared to what is done in real life.  I told him I didn’t want to know – that it was hard enough to deal with the movie versions.  I can’t do reality.  The things he did share in class made me ill because they were things other countries might do but NOT Americans.  Not our government.  Not our military.  Not US.

I have a headache now – I still have tears in my eyes and will have to get busy or take a nap to get rid of the emotions.  Actually, I feel like going out to shop which is exactly what I can’t do.


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