Not Knowing

Finished this book by the same author as “Still Missing” this morning – had 30 pages left when I got off work.  Maybe I shouldn’t have read it fresh off the tail of the “Still Missing” but I enjoyed that one so much I decided to go for it.  That isn’t to say it is a bad thing.  I enjoyed the book.

The story is about a woman who was adopted and wanted to find her birth parents. When she does find them, she also finds out the horror that surrounded her conception and why it is better sometimes to not know such things.

Again the book is set as if she is talking to her shrink but this time the sessions went on a lot longer which made it lose the uniqueness of the first book.  Her characters are a little transparent and the main one makes it hard to like her because she always seems in some turmoil about something.  Her many verbal fights with other characters gets a little thin, in my opinion.

However, I did enjoy the book for the most part.  I can’t recommend it wholeheartedly as the first one but it was still a good read.


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