I am watching an old movie called “Man-Thing made in 2006.  It is about the Everglades and how after years of abuse, the Glades fight back – killing people who are responsible for polluting it.  The movie has Matthew LaNevez and Rachel Taylor which, granted might be all that recognizable but Rachel played in “Shutter” and Matthew played in “Feed” and “Farscape”.  He is an Australian actor and has played in more but those are the only two I can think of at the moment.

The movie isn’t horrible – the actors do a good job and I always like the idea of nature taking revenge on the people who ruin it.  I do like Matthew too and Rachel is alright.

I don’t like when people get taken but you don’t see anything – I don’t need to see them die but I don’t want to just hear them scream either.


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