Pest Control

I have to get the apartment sprayed for fleas by a professional or try those flea bombs myself.  I can’t take having the pets miserable with fleas – it is ridiculous.  The earliest the pest control place can get to me is Monday so I might try the flea bombs first and if they work then cancel the pest control.

I hate the idea of bombing the apartment though but am fast running out of ideas.  I gave both dogs a bath and they were flea-free for about an hour and now both are itching again.  It makes me nuts.

The problem is what am I going to do with the pets for four to six hours if I have to have a pest service come in? They say it will be at least that long that we would have to be out of the house.  The bombs say two hours but then you have to wipe down everything to get the residue off.  I don’t know what to do – wish someone knew a better way to get rid of fleas.


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