Today is the day that I am going to do some serious cleaning.  So far I have moved the bed and vacuumed beneath it.  This sounds easy but there was enough dog hair under there to knit a bedspread.  Between picking up hairballs, unclogging the vacuum, and moving the furniture, I’m exhausted already.   I am, however, over halfway done with it but then move on to the storage room so can’t get too excited about it.

Yesterday I bought a pair of night stands that are real wood & over 48 years old – yes! They are older than me.  How do I know how old they are? I bought them from my eldest sister whose husband made them while he was in high school.  As he was out of high school by the time I was born, I know they are older than me.  I also bought two lamps from her that I have always liked and are also very old.  These items are going in the bedroom as soon as I get it done.

I am moving the kennel to the store room and cleaning that out of all the crap I never use.   There are built-in shelves in there so will decide what I’m going to use them for.  I expect to be able to throw away one plastic drawer thing that has seen better days anyway and is practically empty.  I also expect to get rid of the big travel kennel I have as I can’t imagine a time when I will ever use it.  I’m sure there are others in the complex who would love to have it.

I am getting bitten by bugs – most likely fleas – which I hate but I hate the mess more so guess such is life.

My son said something about going to a movie later – I hope he does want to though I’m not sure what movie we would see.  I’m hoping to have the bedroom done by 12:30 so I can shower and be ready should by child call.  Oh, I have to clean out the closet too.

After the bedroom/storage room/closet combo, I will move on to the bathroom, then the kitchen/dining area and finally the living room.  Once it is all done, I will be ready for the bug guy to come in tomorrow morning.

The big bookcase I got from the trash is rather wobbly and my little one is falling apart so finding a new bookcase – a real wooden one – is a project I will start next week.  I’m betting I can find one at a second-hand shop for next to nothing.  My eldest sister has two large ones that I really like – I don’t know where she got them but they go from floor to ceiling…maybe they came with her house.  My sister, Marjorie, has one too that her husband made for her.  Oh to be handy with tools – I’d make one for myself.

Well, this is it for the first post today.  I will write more as I make progress.  Oh, Baxter shot out of the apartment while I was trying to get Bennie inside.  I thought I would have to run around after him but instead went to the car door, opened it and hollered for him.  He ran and jumped in thinking we were going for another nice long walk so I nabbed him.  It is too damn hot to go for a long walk anyway and maybe tomorrow we will go to the dog park.  Ugh.


2 thoughts on “Bedroom

  1. I’m sure you know this but just in case you don’t, you MUST put in a new vacuum bag after they spray.
    or do it before they spray but don’t vacuum until after they have sprayed!

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