Life, Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo

This book was decently written as far as descriptions and what not goes but I found it very boring and way too drawn out.  It is over 600 pages long and for something based on a relationship that was four hundred pages too long.  I found the main character unbelievably and irretrievably stupid to the point where I didn’t like her at all.  She would say how she shouldn’t do something and then do it anyway – no matter what the cost or who it hurt.  I found her to be selfish, self-centered, and a snob.  It might be alright if she started that way but transformed as the book went along but this is not the case – she stays a selfish, self-centered, snob right up to the end.

I would not recommend this book simply because it was too damn long.  The best thing about it was the title – the rest I could have lived without and had a hard time finishing.  Rating wise, I’d give it a D.


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