Adrien Brody

I don’t usually write much about actors or actresses – I really don’t care what they are doing with their lives or why.  I don’t care who they marry, who they sleep with, how many children they have, etc., etc.  I only care about how good of an actor/actress they are and whether or not I like their movies.

I’ve watched Predators several times now and I have to say, Adrien Brody is sexy in it.  I’ve always liked him but when they said he was going to be in Predators, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Face it, he isn’t muscular like Arnold – I didn’t see how he could possibly be a match to the predator.  However, he is wiry with not an ounce of fat.  He does quite good and I enjoyed the movie because he was in it.

There were many things I didn’t like about the movie.  I didn’t like how there were two types of Predators or that the predators got so little play time in the movie.  I know it isn’t a lot about them but the humans trying to survive but hey, let us see them more of them.  We already know what they look like – we already know how they hunt – so keeping them “cloaked” doesn’t do a thing for the story.  I would have liked more dialogue with the predators – maybe showing more of their mindset and how they strategize hunting for the humans.

The other things I didn’t like was the ending where more parachutes start falling from the sky.  According to the guy who had been there “10” seasons, only one group was brought in per season but yet at the end more people are dropping.  The guy also said the predators hunt in groups of 3 so that should mean since the three were killed, the season was over.  Of course, I also recognize that our “season” and their “season” might be different but still – I think it should have ended with them standing on a high rock looking out over the two moons hoping to get back to earth.

Anyway, Adrien does a good job and I like the movie better than the other two Alien vs Predator movies.  I hope they continue to make more of both.


One thought on “Adrien Brody

  1. you should see him in “The Piano” it was good and he did a great job
    Although it is about war, and I know you don’t care for those movies

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