What Lies Beneath

Just watched 1408 with John Cusack but was still in the ghost mood so put in What Lies Beneath next.  I will have to go to work here shortly – it is never-ending.  I wish I could write a ghost story.  I was reading the one I started a couple years ago – the one I thought I lost but found the spiral for so re-typed it into the computer.  It is such a good idea but I can’t seem to focus on it.  Seriously, I’m very excited about the plot but yet I can’t focus.

I love the house in this movie – it is so beautiful!!  I want a home like that – want a view like that too.

Wish I had something exciting to write about but I don’t – I had a thought but Bennie just bit me so I totally lost what I was going to say.  What a little shit.


One thought on “What Lies Beneath

  1. I saw a documentary once about the house on What Lies Beneath. It was built just for the movie and then they tore it down. It is no longer there. I find that so hard to believe. Probably filmed the interior shots in a studio even.

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