Too Many Books

I have so many books to read that I’m drowning in vat of words.  Because I joined Netgallery, I have two books to read that aren’t even out yet plus I still have four or so from this month’s purchases.  Between reading I am trying to edit and post the chapters of my skinwalker story on Fanstory – I have posted 11 chapters so far.  I need to get the book finished.

I have five other stories I’m also trying to work on and one book I’m trying to edit so it seems like there is never enough time in the day.  Maybe I should quit working.  Ha, ha.  I’d probably never leave the apartment except for food if I didn’t have to work.  Why can’t my writing be like that chick who writes all those songs? She said the songs pour out of her and she could no more  keep them inside than she could stop breathing but stay alive.  They say she can look at a person and compose a song practically on the spot king of like those portrait/caricature artists one sees at fairs and amusement parks. I wish my writing flowed that way…I’d be a millionaire.

Well, I need to go eat and then work in a nap before for having to be at work again for my 14 hour shift.  I am dreading it but not much I can do about it.  Work 3-11 on Sunday too.  My next day off is the 19th or 20th…can’t say “and” because I know I work one of those days.  I will be so ready for vacation when that time comes along.

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