Please don’t be disappointed that I don’t have something enlightening to say – I’ve started this post three times on two different topics but I can’t find anything to write about.  I’m hungry so am making fish sticks and french fries…yeah, how exciting is that?

I need to vacuum and maybe do a few other things but it is already almost 9pm which is too late for loud domestic chores.

So what am I wishing other than being rich?  I was thinking today about “my” house – the kind of place I would like to buy someday.  It would be airy, big, with hardwood floors.  I want a large stone fireplace in the den and another in the family room.  Tall windows that let in a lot of natural sunlight with maybe even a skylight in the kitchen – a wrap around porch – a sunny breakfast nook – built-in bookcases from floor to ceiling in the den – lots of french doors &/or sliding doors – a great view – a balcony off the master bedroom – several bathrooms, one with a large clawfoot tub – three bedrooms all good sized – large kitchen with modern appliances and granite countertops – etc.

I want a large, fenced in yard, a two car garage, and fountain out front.  I also want a large screen tv in the family room and surround sound.   There is, of course, more but I don’t want to talk about it anymore – it makes me sad.



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