Went to bed around midnight last night thinking I would only take a nap and be up again at 3 am.  My alarm went off promptly at 3 am but I laid there till almost 5 before getting up to take the dogs for a walk.  Went back to bed, shutting them out of the bedroom and slept till about 8am.  Bennie’s constant whining was making me nuts and he wouldn’t listen to me to shut up.

Eventually I went back to sleep and woke up again at 11 am because Bennie’s whines were increasingly louder.  It pisses me off because they had already gone potty and had what they needed still they both pee’d on the floor and Baxter pooped.  Somedays I feel like I can’t stand them anymore – I’m so tired of cleaning up after them.

They took one of the couch pillows and tore it up leaving stuffing all around the living room for me to clean up – they seriously make me nuts.  Today when I leave for work, they will go in the kennel because they have earned a little discipline.  When I first let them stay out, they are always so good because they know they don’t want to go back in the kennel – but after a couple weeks, they start acting out again.  I think 8 hours or so in the kennel will do them some good.  I was really hoping they’d stay good though so I could collapse the kennel down and have more room in the apartment – it takes up a lot of room.

Isabel won’t come out of the bedroom and hasn’t since last Monday when we were bug sprayed.  You would think she’d miss looking out at the birds in the bird feeder but apparently not.  She did really well in the kennel so not sure why she acts so traumatized and angry.

My back hurts today – I think it will go away though once I’m up moving around.  Have to leave for work in two and a half hours or so.  Today is the 14th – we are almost halfway through this month.  I can’t wait till it is over so I can go on my vacation!


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