Echo Man review

The book, Echo Man, is over 1100 pages in length – something that I found to be about five hundred pages too long.  A lot could have been cut out or done with more brevity.  Long books work only if the topic continues to evolve with excitement and character.  This book seemed to drag on to me.

The good thing about the book is the attention to detail.  Mr. Montanari takes pages to describe simple things in extreme detail leaving little room for the imagination.  He did manage to keep the identity of the killer a secret till close to the end – usually I have it figured out by the middle of a book but this time it took longer which is a sign of experienced weaving.

The book is about a duo of detectives who are trying to solve a rash of killers where the victim’s head is wrapped in paper and a small tattoo is place on their finger.  The killer is making a statement, creating a symphony to be revealed towards the end of the book.  It comes to a head on Halloween.

I was given an advance copy of this book from Netgallery in return for writing a review.  The review does not have to be a good one but needs to be based on the entire book.  There were definitely parts to the book that I enjoyed – investigating the crime scenes was one of them.

I would give this book a B- due mostly to the excessive length and it’s snails pace.  If you want to settle in with a book – say during a three day snow storm – I would recommend this one.


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