So I went about a year and a half without soda – literally not a single drop.  Instead of losing weight, I gained.  Instead of feeling better, I felt the same.  I do not feel any healthier.  The other day I started drinking soda again.

Part of me thinks I’m not doing my body any good but the more rebel side says it made no difference in all that time – I still had monster headaches, my allergies were still worse, my skin was still dry, my heartburn was much worse, and I drank way too many sugared drinks because I couldn’t drink diet soda.  I’ve put on over 20 lbs and have gone a year and a half with little energy.

I’m still making sure I get in a lot of water too.  I doubt I will ever drink as much as I used to because I can’t even finish one a day.  However, coffee with creamer is over 300 calories and a diet soda has 0 so soda wins out.  I can’t drink coffee without creamer – I just can’t.  I have to say though, it might be the quality of coffee that I buy because I had a “Season’s Best” coffee a few days ago and it was magnificent.

I stopped drinking soda because it was a challenge between me and my son.  I was going to quit drinking soda and he was going to stop smoking.  He didn’t even get through an entire day so I can say that I was the winner on this one.


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