Wrong again

Why do I even look at my horiscope? It is never right. Not that I put a lot of credence in it anyway, I never have but once and a while you would think it could come close to what happens in my day. I mean, even the weathermen get it right once in a blue moon (obviously not today though).

My horiscope said:

A lover — or an ex — will send you some startling news. Does that mean you’ll be deserting your current situation? Not hardly. You’re well past that kind of thing. But you might want to have lunch and catch up.

Well, no startling news, no lover or ex anything – don’t know what they were thinking. Though the second part is correct – there isn’t an ex out there that I’d change my situation for.

Ran to the store for stuff for chili. I can’t decide if I’m in the mood for it or not but I wanted something to take to supper the next couple nights. My stomach is growling up a storm so hope it cooks fast.



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