It is that “h” word again!

I absolutely hate humidity.  Winter is better than this crap – seriously better.  At least in winter I can breathe without feeling like my lungs will implode – nor do I break out in a sweat walking the twenty feet to my car.  Yes, I am not crazy about winter but the more humid the summers, the more I’m changing my mind.  I don’t actually hate winter anyway – it is the winter driving before the roads are plowed that I abhor.

Can’t really say my mood is better now than earlier.  Most people wouldn’t believe that sometimes I have rage issues but I do.  The last couple days it is all I can do to hold my tongue when dealing with stupid people…like the lady who insisted on going 35 in a 55 – but then when the speed dropped down to 25, she sped up to 40 mph.  I wanted to follow her home to cuss her out but I took a deep breath.

Or how about the idiot I had the other day who couldn’t make change for a $20? My bill was $10.55 – I gave him a $20 and asked for $6 back which gave him $3.45 tip for walking a couple of sandwiches two blocks.  The kid said “Uh, I don’t know how to do that.  Can I give you back $4?”  He had 4 $1 so that was easier to him than handing me a $5 and a $1.  I said no, I wanted $6 and he acted like I was the biggest bitch.  We had already waited 2 hours for our sandwiches because they had forgotten our order. It was amazing and I will never order from them again.  I had to get out a magnifying glass to find the meat.

How about my maintenance man (who I do like very much) who couldn’t seem to find the time to trim a bush that hung down over the sidewalk making me have to bend down or go around it.  He kept promising to but couldn’t quite make it a priority.  Then, amazingly, he had to work in the apartment next to the bush and after bending down a few times to get under it, suddenly he had time to trim the damn thing up.  Irritated me.

I’m just in a foul mood – I know that.  I hate everything lately and can’t seem to shake the blues.  Think it is a combination of the humidity, needing a vacation, and the every day woes.  Made chili yesterday so I would have something to take to work last night and tonight – it really didn’t taste that great.  I forgot the onion and while I put in four tablespoons of chili powder, it tastes bland.

I had a spider on my shoulder and then on my arm on the way to work.  I was worried I’d have an accident because I was so paranoid about where the spider went.  Got to K&G for a soda and had to wait in line for almost 15 minutes while the clerk explained every fucking lottery game to the chick standing there trying to decide which one to play.

Got to work and immediately felt like I was going to explode.  I spilled soda on my shirt so had to go change that.  Later I was working on the computer and it crashed taking about twenty minutes to come back up – then it still wasn’t right.  Went to heat up my chili and it didn’t get hot enough.  My nook ran out of battery right when I started playing Mah Jong – and basically very little went right.  Started having chest pains about 2:30 am so made myself settle down and breathe.  Ugh.  Really need that vacation!!!


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