Guess again

Well, I’m afraid I am going to have to go back on my previous decision about buying a few books for this next month.  Of all the books I’ve gotten from Netgalley (15 at last count) only two of them are ones I’ve actually liked so don’t see how I’m going to be able to use them to supplement my reading material in September.

So there are a couple books I plan on buying this week – probably “A Stolen Life”; “Unsaid”; and “The End of Everything” and a John Saul book or two.

I know I shouldn’t but being a month without good books to read is unbearable.  I know I should check them out from the library or something but those books are all new ones so I’d have to wait for them.  I don’t know, guess I will have to see what strikes my fancy.  I want Stephen King’s new book but I don’t believe it comes out until December.

Tried to read a book last night but soon realized (around page 68) that it was a devil vs god book and I don’t read those.  I have never cared for religious books and definitely not ones that deal with the occult, possession, demons, human sacrifices, etc.  Nope, no way.


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