Serious issues

I am starting to have some serious concerns about Isabel.  It has been three weeks now since the house was sprayed for fleas and she still will not come out of the bedroom.  She comes out every now and then, looks around and goes right back in.  I don’t know what is wrong with her – she used to sit in the window and watch the birds at the birdfeeder but she doesn’t do that anymore.

I spent $160 on the apartment being sprayed and still have fleas – irritates me to no end.  Granted they aren’t that bad but I don’t care – I still don’t like them.  I called the company and they said the fleas would all die out so not to worry about it but it still bothers me.

Baxter’s paw is better – he got the nail off so his digit won’t have a nail but it isn’t bleeding or anything and he seems fine with it.


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