The kitchen

Had heartburn something awful starting around 5:30 am or so.  Took a heartburn pill but was still having it pretty bad but it seems to be going away finally.  I think part of it is the milk – I drink a glass of it and the heartburn starts to ease.  I’m sure the pill also starts taking effect.

Came home and put two eggs on to boil for breakfast/supper (depending on how you want to look at it), then came in to check my emails and what not.  Sat here wondering what I was smelling but shrugged it off distinctly thinking “I don’t have anything on the stove so it must be coming from outside”.

It took a few minutes to hit me that I did, indeed, have something on the stove.  Why am I so forgetful? The eggs were fine – not ruined or anything but still, it is so annoying.  I’m going to have to start focusing more or my memory will only get worse with age.  You would think as much as I read and play Sudoku that my mind would be as sharp as a tack.  I suppose it is if it is something I enjoy – food is usually an afterthought so not prominently on my mind until I smell it burning.

But I’ve been thinking about vacation, my book, the birdfeeder, and all I need to get done before I leave.  The list seems to be getting longer as the time gets closer.  Wish I could afford some new clothes – mine are so old.

We were talking about clothes when I got together with my family this past Sunday.  My two older sisters are clothes-mongers.  Their closets are overflowing and overstuffed with clothes.  We three younger kids have bare minimum for clothes – my closet is 3/4ths empty.  Granted, it is a good sized closet but my sister’s stuff would fill it up past capacity – my clothes are pitiful.

I would say if I “collect” anything it would be makeup and office supplies.  In thinking about it, it occurs to me that I probably spend money on makeup because I subconsciously wish I was more attractive; and spend money on office supplies because I subconsciously wish I was more organized and in control.  That is pop psychology for you but I bet I’m not too far off the mark.

I have learned to curb my buying of makeup and supplies but I still find myself browsing in both the makeup and office isles whenever I go somewhere like Walgreens.

Well, I’m going to head to bed – hope everyone has a nice day.  Sure hope it rains!!!

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