On to other things

OK, so some of the things I have planned for tomorrow.  My son and I are going out to lunch and then to a movie – we haven’t agreed on one yet but I am thinking “Fright Night”.  I was disturbed when I heard they were remaking this movie but then decided I should give it a go because the not all remakes are bad.

I plan on buying the items I need for my trip on Sunday – I have a list going – and then come home to pack some more.

The closer my vacation gets, the more I’m a little scared because it is going to take money and I worry about that all the time – having enough money.  But I need the vacation and hopefully I can be frugal.

Tomorrow night I will, hopefully, get laundry done but if not then I will do it Thursday before work.  I will finish packing on Friday.  Saturday I have to take the dogs to my son’s house and then go to work.  My sister will pick me up on Sunday at my house at 8 am.

Oh, I have to find time to clean tomorrow too because I refuse to come home to a dirty house.  I’ve gotten this started but will have to finish it in the next three days.

Anyhow, that is what I can think of right now.


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