I know, I know, I’ve already read this book but here is what I think again about it.  I’m disappointed in the ending – I didn’t think the person who ended up being punished should have been. The book is good.

The book is about a boy and a girl who both had an incident in a swamp when they were two years old.  The girls mother took her away to live in CA and it wasn’t until she died that the girl returned to her home state and to the father who loved her.  She barely arrives and strange things start happening.  The towns people all blame her and make her feel unwanted.  The boy is there and is her friend but she has no recollection of what happened to them when they were younger.  She is a teenager when she returns.

The book is classic Saul which pretty much sums the whole thing up if you are a fan of his.  I give the book a B.


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