Feel ill

Not sure why but I have such a stomach ache tonight.  It started several hours ago – actually about 10 hrs ago.  I thought it would go away if I took a nap but laid down for three hours and it didn’t help.  Thought maybe if I ate something, it would go away but ate some soup and that didn’t help either.

I am really craving something sweet.  I have nothing in the house so it won’t do any good to crave it – but I do.  My son bought Klondike bars earlier and now suddenly that sounds like something that would hit the spot.  That or Lays potato chips with French Onion dip.  Yes, I crave that way more than the other – which is weird because the potato chips are salty but still.

Damn – now that I’m thinking this, I can’t stop.  I’m trying very hard not to get in the car and drive to Hy Vee.  How bad is that? Very, very bad.  I don’t need the calories.  If I wait three hours, Fareway will be open and I can get it then.  Surely I can wait…but man they sound good…


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