Mile 81

This book hardly qualifies for a real “book” because it is only 50 some pages long and costs a mere $2.99 from Barnes and Nobel.  This is one of those I was really
looking forward to thinking it was a full length novel so was disappointed in

The story is about an abandoned rest stop in Maine that has been boarded up to keep vandals out.  A muddy station wagon pulls into the rest stop, knocking down the traffic barrels meant to keep people from doing just that.  The driver’s side door is ajar but no one gets out and no noise comes from within.  Good Samaritans stop to help, all with disastrous results.

The book is creepy and King writes it with the same attention to detail he wrote The Shining. I would say the message in the story is to mind your own damn business – that being a good Samaritan might have dire consequences.

You can’t go wrong for a mere $2.99.  As I said, you will wish it was longer and it
irritates me King didn’t make it so but guess the guy is rich enough that he
doesn’t have to worry as much about appeasing his fans anymore.


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