Seriously Though

Today we started off the day at the Denver Zoo where I got to see all my favorite animals: lions, tigers, cheetahs, snow leopards, white tigers, black bears, grizzlies, polar bears, elephants, hippo, wild mustang, wolves, etc.  I enjoyed it and will post a few pictures tomorrow as I left my camera down in the car.  Not only am I too lazy to go get it – it is also raining and my feet are killing me.  I do have the pictures from Estes to post on Facebook though so will do that.

I thoroughly enjoyed the zoo and then we headed down to Colorado Springs where we decided to be a bit leisurely this afternoon.  We met my younger sister at Texas Roadhouse for supper – her husband took the boys and their van out for pizza.  While they were inside, someone ransacked their van stealing everything of value from inside.  They aren’t going to report it which I think is absolutely asinine as the place probably has parking lot cameras – but oh well, not my shit.

Tomorrow we are going on the Cog railway to the top of Pike’s Peak and then out to see my younger sister’s house.  We have decided to stay here for two nights rather than driving elsewhere again tomorrow.  Thursday we will do the Valley of the Gods and then head towards the sand dunes.

I am having a lot of fun and haven’t had heartburn once since I’ve been on vacation – not once.  That is pretty damn amazing considering I was taking one or two heartburn pills a day to get through before vacation.   My feet hurt like hell from all the walking around but they will be fine – just need to rest some.

Daniel has been wonderful – don’t know what we would do without him.  I loved how he kept telling us we were in a “severe traffic event” yesterday when we were stuck in traffic – quite hilarious.  Talk about stating the obvious.  He gets us where we need to go – I swear it is one of the best presents my son has ever given me.


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