Wednesday’s Adventures

Today started out with breakfast at Village Inn and then we went to pick up our younger sister, Wanda, for our ride up Pikes Peak.   It was a nice trip – we enjoyed seeing the trees, rocks and grading.  Towards the top it was snowing and rather chilly but still managed to get some pictures.  All three of us were adversely affected by the altitude – dizzy, light-headed, and felt sick.

We saw a few deer on the mountain but that was it for wildlife.  I would have loved to see more but the fog was so thick it was difficult to see much.  I had hoped it would clear when we got up higher but it didn’t.  We had fog all the way down as well so no getting pictures then.  The whole trip was about 3.5 hours long and cost only $34.  I enjoyed it and thought it was worth it.

The elderly couple who sat across from us were also from Iowa – isn’t that amazing? They live on a farm up around Decorah – said their son handles the farm now and they travel a lot.  They were very nice.

After we got down, we went to see Wanda’s land here in CO.  They own a plot in Woodland Park – it is behind a gas station…literally right behind it.  Then they own one and a half acres out in the boonies 18 miles.  The road to them is muddy gravel-ish type stuff making the car filthy and taking us a long time to get out there.  The house was a bit of a shack but had potential in the long run.  Personally I would demolish the shack and build a nice house there if it were mine but it isn’t.  I have no idea what they will do with it.  Being able to look out at the mountains everyday would be very nice – it was a lovely area.

After lunch we dropped Wanda back at her flat and we came on back to the hotel.  I’ve got heartburn for the first time since being on vacation.  Ugh.


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