I knomw…

OK, I’m tired so give me a break.  One thing I know for sure – that title hasn’t been used before.  I am sorry, I imagine you are thinking I will write a post now…I know, I know, I should but I am soooooo damn tired that I’m not sure I can adequately recount the day with any flair.  OK, let me try:

We drove the 150 miles down to the Great Sand Dunes – ask me tomorrow if I thought it was worth it because if you ask me now I would say NOOOOOO WAYYYYY!   We went for a very nice 1.3 mile hike though and got some great pictures of the dunes.  No, we didn’t walk out on them, I didn’t want to get sand in my shoes or in Marge’s car.

It was damn hot outside – I’m sunburnt again plus became partially dehydrated even though I had some water with me.  The hike really was nice – we enjoyed it and could have gone further but it was too hot and the trail was being worked on.

On the way down the very long-ass drive to the dunes – my sister was slightly terrorized by two black SUV’s that were flying down a side road at her.  Who could it be? The secret service? The Area 51 people? What did they want???  I glanced over and laughed so damn hard I couldn’t breathe – the “SUV’s” were actually two clumps of tree/bushes.  I’m afraid I couldn’t stop laughing for a couple miles at least.  It was so damn funny but yes, you had to be there to appreciate it.

We decided, stupidly, that we did not want to go ALL THE WAY back to the interstate so figured we’d “pop” right up the county road to Highway 24.  How bad could it be???  Well, four hours later we finally emerged onto 24 – practically insane from the back country madness that tends to creep up on city folk caught out on windy, mountainous roads where one can only go 25 to 30 mph.  Not to mention how many times the roads back-tracked.  I didn’t tell my sister we were back-tracking – she might have run us off the road.  It was touch and go there a few times when I told her the highway was “just up the road” when it was still 20+ miles away…I thought she would fall apart if she knew she still had so far to go on those windy roads.  She actually handled it better than I would have – I would have been screaming and pounding on the steering wheel long  before she even started cussing.

We had to pause at one point for some cows in the road – she honked at them but the bull kind of gave us the “don’t fuck with me” look so we waited.  Man, he was one big bull!  We saw deer and some absolutely beautiful country but damn, never, ever, ever will we do that again.  We could have been back to Colorado Springs in 90 minutes instead of OVER four hours.  We hadn’t eaten since 7 am that morning so we both had headaches from hunger.  What a day.

We are back at Motel 6 – they left the light on for us.  The handsome and very friendly clerk gave me our room key and seemed surprised when I was back a few minutes later.  He said “Ma’am, is there something wrong with the room?” to which I said “Yes, we didn’t order the half-naked man in it.”  Apparently the room was rented and it wasn’t on the computer.  The guy that we walked in on was sitting at the desk working on his laptop in his boxer underwear…uh, a little embarrassing.  The clerk was so apologetic but I told him it was OK, we all had a good laugh about it.

We are now settled into a manless room and will be heading to bed before midnight I’m sure.  Tomorrow we are thinking about Garden of the Gods and then decide from there on what is next.  Sigh! I love it here!! Told my sister coming back to Colorado Springs is like coming home.


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