I went out earlier to get my camera from my sister – I had left it in her car yesterday.  After that I picked up my son and we went out for lunch, then to Best Buy so he could buy a blu-ray.  When I dropped him off I went to HyVee where I lost (and found) my billfold.

While in HyVee, I suddenly felt weak, overheated and short of breath.  I was sweating profusely and felt like I needed to sit down.  Instead I left the store and came home.  Ended up not getting anything useful at all so will have to go back tomorrow – quite the bummer.  My only thought is that maybe it was all the people in the store? I ached everywhere though – not pain like stabbing pain but a deep ache in all my joints.

That was hours ago and while I do feel better for the most part – I have an upset stomach and feel tired.  I took a 90 minute nap even and still feel tired.  I’ve read that people can feel the effects of changing altitudes even a few days after one returns home but I don’t think that was it although it resembled how I felt up on Pike’s Peak.  If it persists, I will go see the doctor.

Didn’t get a lot done today, I’m afraid.  I need to go do laundry, clean a bit around here, and get groceries.  I should pick up the kennel and dog food from my son’s house – he also said he’d give me some fish for my tank because he has too many of a certain kind – don’t remember now what they are.  The dogs stink and should get a bath tomorrow but no guarantees there.

Tuesday I have a meeting at work that I must attend – otherwise I have that day off to do things too.  Boy, vacation went fast!


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