Being sick isn’t the least bit fair

Each trip to the bathroom reminds me that I have stuff that needs to get done today so I need to start feeling better.  The two biggest things I want to get done is getting groceries and doing laundry.  I’d also like to vacuum, dust, and unpack.  Hopefully I can do it all today once I start feeling better.

Took the dogs on a mile long walk earlier.  Though great to get out there and walk, I barely made it home in time – how embarrassing that would have been if I hadn’t.  So lesson learned, don’t go too far from a bathroom today.

I miss the mountains already yet I’m also glad to be home.  Maybe someday my “home” will be in the mountains.  🙂  It is the time to buy out there because expensive houses are worth a lot less in this economy.  I could get a $300,000 house for $150,000 to $175,000 now – if I only had the money.  I saw several houses that would fit my “dream house” description – at least from the outside.  The best thing would be to move out there not needing to work anymore than on my next book.  I know, like that is going to happen.

Today’s writing will hopefully result in having my contest entry ready for Fanstory.  The challenge is to write a horror short story.  It has to be something that you haven’t published before and can’t be more than 5000 words.  I started it before vacation so need to get back at it before the deadline gets here.  I’m afraid it isn’t all that horror-stricken yet – needs some refinement.




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