Better still

Today I am better than I was yesterday – I should be back to normal in no time I hope.  Still have the pain in my side but it is not as bad so far – still running to the bathroom a lot but less than yesterday so I count my blessings.

Love the weather we are having today! It is only 58 degrees, cloudy and looks like rain.  I would be thrilled if we were in the 60’s and low 70’s all year round – not get up to the 80’s and not get down lower than 45 – that would be just perfect.  Anyone know where that place would be?

Have some energy but it seems to desert me fast if I get to doing too much so I will keep the rest of the harder stuff like vacuuming for tomorrow.  Have gotten the kitchen squared away and will start laundry as soon as the person in there gets done.  I could go to the laundromat but I don’t want to have the only bathroom around be a public one – I figure I can do enough to get through the next couple days or till I feel 100%.

Whatever this is, it really kicked my ass more than anything I’ve ever had before.  The ER doctor said it wasn’t the flu but something more in my gall bladder and intestines – let’s not do that again.

I agreed to watch a coworker’s cat starting tomorrow for the long weekend.  She is going out of state to Colorado for a few days…yep, Colorado.  I wonder if the aspens will be changing color? They weren’t for us but looked like they were thinking about it.


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