There were so many

There were so many things I had in mind to post about since returning from Colorado but they have since been forgotten.  I know I have been rather centered on being ill the last few days – it is hard not to be when one’s insides feel like they want to be outside.

When I hung out with my son the other day, I mentioned several things to him about Colorado that I knew he would appreciate – the cooler temps, the mountains, and the lack of bugs.  Even with all that, I know we won’t be moving there but maybe I can convince him to go with me next year for a visit.

It did surprise and irritate me that bicyclists were allowed on the interstate (shoulder) – what if someone’s car broke down and they needed to get over in a hurry? Traffic is moving at 70 mph – we don’t have time to be watchful for bicyclists going 15 mph on the shoulder.  It also irritated me that they were on trail road because there was barely enough room for two cars passing each other on the steep grades – having to pull into the opposite lane to get around a bicyclist seemed very dangerous to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love bicycling but face it, bicycles aren’t cars and shouldn’t be allowed everywhere they are.

I saw a bicyclist coming up the mountain in the travel portion of the lane with a line of cars behind it also trying to make it to the top.  While I admire the cyclist for attempting it, it is very hard on the cars to be going at 5 mph up an incrediably steep grade.  Add to those the people pulling trailers and boats, well, it was dangerous all the way around.  People couldn’t get up enough speed to pass the cyclists and the grade had hair-pin curves so they couldn’t see around him far enough to pass anyway.  When there is a 100+ foot drop off, you try to be rather careful about where you put your car.

Several people have asked me to confirm how “awesome” the sand dunes were.  Obviously I missed something along the way because while they were interesting and what not, I didn’t find them to be “awesome”.  I watched the video which, yes, was very interesting but the dunes themselves pretty much just sat there like large piles of sand.  I suppose I might feel differently if I had walked out there on them but it was too hot to mess with.  I am not sorry I saw the dunes but don’t know if I’d be so quick to drive all that way a second time.

I have been using my photos as wallpaper for my laptop – I have to say, they are pretty good and quite lovely.  Bought a flash drive to take some to the Walmart machines to have blown up but will send the ones I want blown up to 18×20 to Flicker.

Well, the dogs have been out for almost an hour and I’m starting to nod off again thanks to my medicine.  My headache is history at the moment which makes me happy as a clam – the medicine is very strong though not as strong as the morphine would have been.


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