The boys got me out for yet another walk – not that far but still outside even though it is dreary and a bit chilly.  I am not complaining, mind you! I love the cooler weather and that I can dig out my jacket, sweat pants and long-sleeved shirts.  I don’t mind that at all.  The older I get, the more I look forward to fall and early winter than I do summer’s humidity.  I love the heat but damn, why does it have to be humid???

Should take the dogs for a longer walk but I don’t think I will now.  I think I will start doing the longer ones in the mornings – maybe they will help me sleep.

I’m making spaghetti for lunch – I have to say it doesn’t sound that good but I didn’t want to mess with defrosting something.  My illness, I’m happy to say, is history so far so that is awesome to me.  I really thought I would end up in the hospital there for a bit.  But the pain is mostly gone – only flares if I get jerked like bumping into the wall or going in a pothole or something like that.

Work was busy and yes it made the first four hours go fast but the second four didn’t go quite so quickly.  They were still a bit quick but still, slow.  Tonight should be busier clear till about 4am – then it will slow down some and pick up again around 5:30.  That is a good way for it to be.  🙂


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