When A Stranger Calls

I have a small comment about this movie – again, if you haven’t watched it by now, you probably never will.

So Tiffany – the best friend who kissed Jill’s boyfriend (Jill being the main character here) – pops in unexpectedly to see Jill who is stuck babysitting at a fantastic house on a small lake in Colorado.  Jill tells Tiffany she has to leave because she is babysitting so Tiffany goes out to her car.

On her way to her car, Tiffany hears a can go skittering across the concrete back in the darkened area by the garage then hears the heavy footfall of someone pacing her.  She runs to her car and gets in – then locks the doors.  Once she gets her car started, she backs it up to the gate where she again hears footsteps in the woods.  She has to get out to open the gate and then, not unfortunately, meets her demise at the hands of the “stranger”.

What bothers me is this girl not only has a cell phone and Jill’s phone number, she also just left the front door where Jill is staying.  So why, if you hear scary footsteps, do you not run back inside to take refuge with your friend? OK, I understand the scary footfalls come from that direction so it would be a real possibility that you’d never make it.  Instead, you run to your car, get in and lock the doors.

What kind of friend are you that you don’t immediately pick up your cell phone to warn your best friend that there is someone outside the house? Instead she tries to leave and only gets grabbed when she leaves the security of her vehicle to get the gate.  She could have stayed in the vehicle, called Jill and then had Jill open the garage door for her to drive inside – or open the gate from inside so Tiffany could go get help.  No, instead, Tiffany thinks only of herself and, therefore, deserves what befalls her.

My other pet peeve has to do with Jill herself.  You get a phone call and caller id says it is Tiffany who just left the house you are babysitting in.   Besides caller id, you probably have the phone number of your best friend memorized so you know it is coming from her phone.  So when you answer it “Hey Tiffany” and it is a strange man on the other line – why the hell wouldn’t you ask the obvious “Who are you and how did you get Tiffany’s phone?”

Nope, when the stranger says he isn’t Tiffany, Jill never questions the man or why he has her best friends cell phone.  I find that a bit odd.  I think if a stranger had the cell phone of my best friend after she had just been to my house and just used that cell phone before her arrival to call to say she was there (thus proving she was in possession of it just a few minutes prior), I would have to ask a question or two.  When the stranger hangs up, my next call would have been to the police.  When they asked me “is this an emergency?” I would have said “damn straight it is – there is a strange man outside my house trying to get in who just assaulted a woman in my driveway” – thereby getting officers of the closest town (like 12 miles away) on their way.

The only way the man could have gotten the phone was to have done something to my friend – there is no other way unless she threw it at him as he chased her…which chances are it would have broken.

Police would rather get there to find a frightened female and chalk it up to “hysterics” than to find mutilated bodies days later after the stink informs neighbors something is amiss.  Just saying.

Also, I don’t care how fast a runner you are, you wouldn’t leave the children alone in the house to run to the other side of the lake to check on whether a neighbor is home or not – especially if you believe there is a stalker outside.  That is just a tadbit too far fetched.

Anyway, it is getting late and I am tired of analyizing movies where people do things that they wouldn’t normally do.  Jill doesn’t even bother to arm herself.  The police would not be so casual about her claims either if there had been a murder of a woman and young children days before.  It is all rather silly.


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