Teaser Tuesday

I’m going to scream and holler if I lose this damn post a third time! I hate when the computer locks up!

I missed Sunday and Monday’s items – “whats in your mailbox” and “its monday, what are you reading” but decided to pick up with teaser tuesday.  I have written this twice already and have to say if I can’t save it this time, I’m not doing it again.

“The manshape laid hold of his leech-encrusted arms and began to drag him towards the barrens.  His blood stained book-carrier bumped and thumped along beside him, its strap still twisted about his neck.  Patrick, still trying to scream, lost consciousness.”

 “I think I’m going to walk from here,” Bill said. “I don’t know where I’m going, but a little fresh air seems like a great idea along about now.”


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